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I’ve taken guitar lessons at Raleigh Music Academy for over 4 years. My instructor, who is also the owner, is a great guitar player, excellent teacher and all around good guy. All of the other instructors that I’ve interacted with are fabulous as well.

Like Brian T. stated in his review, the RMA pulls ahead of other music instruction places with occasional clinics and performances by virtuoso musicians like Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci (too name only a few). You would be hard pressed to find this type of intimate access to true master musicians.

If you want to learn how to play guitar, banjo, bass, piano, drums or vocals, this is the place in the Triangle to do it.

Dustin N.
Cary, NC

The Raleigh Music Academy is the best place I have found to take guitar lessons in Raleigh. I have tried other places, which were fine, but what sets RMA above the rest are the instructors. My current teacher is Paul Warren, and he is teaching me guitar with the songs I love by breaking them down into arrangements that I can play with my current skill set. Paul is extremely manageable with practice times and has a great attitude toward his students.

The RMA also has monthly student shows, where the students get a chance to play with a full band on songs they are working on! This was an amazing and superb experience for me.

Travis P.
Raleigh, NC

My 17 year-old son has been taking guitar lessons at RMA since 4th grade. Hugh Floyd was his instructor for the first few years and then we continued his lessons with the owner, Paul Warren. We are great fans of RMA for several reasons:

* The instructors are all accomplished musicians who relate well to children and adults. Hugh was great because he never made my son feel like a little kid, even though he was, and treated him with the same respect he would an adult. Most of the instructors play multiple instruments and I can’t say enough about what talented musicians they are.

* Paul hosts annual summer workshops and additional clinics throughout the year featuring professional musicians who are willing to share their knowledge with RMA students. My son attended his first workshop at age 12 (the youngest person there), and over the years has had the chance to learn from and play with Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Andy Wood, Greg Howe, and Mattias Eklundh.

* There are student shows every month in which students join together to form bands for one night and play songs they have selected. What is amazing is that these “bands” learn their songs with only a couple of rehearsals together and then perform before a live audience. It is a great way for the students to see what it’s like to perform in front of people and to learn how to play with other musicians. It is not unusual to find one or more instructors up there as part of a band.

My only regret is now my son is old enough to drive himself and I don’t get to take him myself and hear all of the great music being made at RMA.

Anne H.
Raleigh, NC

The Raleigh Music Academy is fantastic! I took guitar lessons there and my playing improved dramatically as a result. My teacher was really knowledgable and went at a good pace for my skill level.

The RMA is professionally run and all the events I participated in or just attended for enjoyment, were very well organized.

The RMA has monthly student shows that give the students a unique opportunity to play with other musicians and play up on stage with an audience.

There have been numerous well-known professional guitarists teach and perform at the RMA as well.

If you or your child is looking for a good place to take music lessons, I highly recommend the Raleigh Music Academy.

NickNate F.
Garner, NC

Absolutely top-notch instruction from top-notch people. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best place in the entire state to take lessons from.

Frank H.
Morrisville, NC

The RMA rocks! I’ve attended multiple summer workshops and they’ve been the most inspirational and informative guitar events that I’ve been a part of!

Seth R.

Paul Warren is a parent’s dream come true. He’s very communicative regarding scheduling, organized, and enthusiastic about his work as a teacher for my son. He teaches in a flexible way that keeps my son wanting to always return, and keeps it interesting based on the music my son wants to learn. Paul really goes that extra mile to make sure the entire lesson experience is tops.

Melissa S.

Been taking guitar lessons here for a while. My instructor is the owner, Paul Warren. So obviously I have good things to say about him. But the other instructors on a multitude of instruments including guitar, bass, banjo, drums, piano, voice, fiddle, and others are beyond top notch. The price is the average for any instrument lesson business in the area, currently $95 a month, which gets you 4 thirty minute sessions a month.

Here is what I really think makes RMA stand out above the others in the area. If you have a young child wanting to learn guitar, the primary youth instructor is Mary Ann. Her students never fail to amaze me with the skills they have at such a young age, and how fast they progress and improve.

For the adults wanting to learn, you can put all of the instructors names in a hat and pull one out and you will not be disappointed in the expertise and quality of instruction you get.

And to further separate the RMA from others in the area, each month there is a student show for those students who want to play live and show what they have learned and gain the experience of performing live in front of a crowd.

And if you want some icing on the cake that you truly can not find at any other local place, the RMA regularly brings in musical legends such as Jennifer Battan, Doyle Dykes, John Pettrucci, Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, Bumblefoot, Paul Gilbert, and Andy Wood. Read those names again and find me another musical instrument lesson business in the area that brings such people in and provide their students an opportunity to learn from them and watch them perform. You can’t do it.

Brian T.
Raleigh, NC